Love or nothing?

Breakups are tough..Some part of you dies every time! Is it actually worth that much?

Exposing your self, getting hit at the very position where it will last! Why bother getting attached every-time?

Why do material things like EGO self respect matter the most? Is love extinct? or just the right one too vulnerable?? Will two right souls make “ALWAYS & FOREVER” or give up hoping that there is more!

How many number of failed relationships does one need to undergo before walking down the isle? What are the benchmarks one needs to set!

What are the signs one needs to observe?

Loving someone such a impossible word?

Perhaps, After a glass of coffee and hours of realisation later i finally managed to pick my notebook and pen all of it down, All the questions my eyes carried! Maybe some people are not meant for love. We are the ones which either teach people how to love or hurt them!

Being with one who needs you or to be with the one you need! What marks the submissive or dominating nature of the relationship!! Two people in love equal or joke?

The bad part is after so much.. Tears are not shedding. Its all inside.Will I ever love again?Silence is all I have.

May be the idea of True love a myth! It is the time to say no to all the novel stories that depict love! Infatuation, instant liking..One night stand..Emotional connect are the words to describe today’s scenario.Purity and innocence were lost in the stone age. Yet I do manage to get few cheesy chapters for my autobiography!

#Whenhetaughtiwasfakingit  That was the time i was being me.. He had misjudged to a level where fake me sounded so real. Yes i was attached because i was fooled by the tears…by the gestures…I believed it will last..!


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