why cant i see it??

he doesn’t need me any more.. 

i am still trying to hang onn..

still pulling the strings…wishing that may be.. I will get him back?

 Am i so coward to see the reality??

the truth is knocking the door..

all i have to do is just open the door and let it pass!

will i be able to handle?

Till when i will live in dream?

sky is blue….not because god painted it blue! because blue is reflected!

We get peace while sitting at the sea shore not because the water is serene & life giver..

because we see our life passing it..we compare it to water…we see our biggest heart breaks hitting us like waves!

Nature teaches us every lesson for  which a counselor is paid for!

wHY CAN’T i see the rejection?

he has cleared but i still see hopes?


because like all love stories i wish to write perfect ending to our story?

but why am i so dumb!

i have walked away from everything that could make me feel real?

why have i become like this?

am i so much in love?

i know i break …but why am i hurting myself more &more?

why do i remember him in every thing?

in every thing that happens around?

why have i become so dependent??

i never saw positive side of anything?

and in this case i am so positive??

enough! i have to leave this!

i have to take it out..i cant walk with heavy heart any more!

i have to let it goo…….

i have to just let it pass!

i have to let the sand sweep away i cant just let it hung on..

i have to let it goo!!



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