Why darkness gives peace?                                                                   Why graves are kept in darkness yet peace is pictured as white illumination?                                                                                           Why wind takes away everything…….? yet it is shadowed as a good thing, it is seen as onset of monsoon or something beneath which has life..why not turmoil?                                                                                     Why does heart says what eyes can’t,  betrayed the heart says but eyes stay shut!                                                                                                 Eyes see sunshine and hope, heart says it is all shadowed                     Eyes see chocolates and roses, heart says thorns and bushes               Eyes see happiness and contentment, heart says darkness                 Eyes see positive air,heart says turmoil! Darkness hides everything in its warmth but still do we prefer sun for warmth?                                     Ever sat on the see shore?? The waves will talk to you & teach you what all textbooks can’t!  “GO ON WITH THE WIND, THE WIND WILL GUIDE”


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