A last bye…

Every morning i wake up thanking each day that passes in peace.

Every morning gives me a new topic to describe about.

life is beautiful& so are the fellow beings.

we all vary differently but we are grouped in two: Men&Woman.

Men are further known as  son,father,brother,husband,lover.

Women are further known as daughter,mother,sister,wife,beloved.

woman are the carrier of the future.

beholding & grooming…

woman is the symbol of love,serenity and power,

she holds the love for every child on earth,one such women was Mother Teresa.

but she can still fight with all the odds for his child, she is described as immaculate conception in bible.

the mother of the living god.”MOTHER MARY”

she was wife of a ordinary man, who was chosen to give birth to the incarnation,

but she had to answer the unknown.

she is  observed smiling & looking towards sky.

we pray to her for showering us with her love& she still smiles.

Mother’s smile is the most beautiful gift.

One such smile is counting her breathes..

unable to talk, unable to sense.

she lies in I.C.U fighting with the liver cancer, mother of a 6 year old fades away with each passing second.

they say that she is on the terminal stage.

but she fighting with in….

fighting with the demon, not to take her away.

she has said in her quickening voice” i will die….!!!!”

but to her sister she is still the same, the girl fighting with her for her toys.

and today she can’t even recognize her elder sister.

we hope that she returns..at least share her heart out…but she is quiet..she is fading away.!

her child sits next to her & calls out “mumma?”

but she doesn’t answers.

today she can’t even answer her own belonging.

the child asks his father “what has happened to her?”

he can’t explain..

she is hanging there may be for her child..because he was separated from her from past 15 days..

but now..why doesn’t she gets up??

or just bid a good bye..

why doesn’t she end her suffering????

come back  “beta..calls out her  mother” .

why is  she quiet like moonlight?

GOD..why are you  making her suffer so much?

we are here to share her  sorrow.. at least give her voice back!

many life’s have survived this disease then why is this disease engulfing her?

she is so tender..a pure soul…!

why only her?

people do hawan for her..but no effect!

why does it seems likes that god is not their for help?  ?

if she has to go ..let her go in peace..not in pieces!!!!

9 thoughts on “A last bye…

  1. Thanks beta for understanding The suffering of family and pray for The young mother who is on The death bed

  2. Dear Surbhi your poem is worth appreciation. You have shown a mature side of your soul. It gives insight of your philosophy of life. Believe me I feel proud of you. I have never seen you doing a serious business of life. I raise my hands in prays to God for your prosperity and success. Keep it up beta.

    Regarding your peom believe me I could not read it till the end becuase you have penned it down in an excellent manner. Trust me I could not stop my tears. They came down while reading. God bless you and may god give strength to Khanda & her family to be strong enough to face this hurricane in their life. Keep smiling. God is great.

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