i was walking alone in the desert…

I was walking in the desert…..

Hoping that u were by my side……

But then I realized that  it was only me & the mirage…

False hope…..was all i was surrounded by…

hope that you will love me back…….

but…u  never did return….

I tried hard to walk along you….but my baby steps couldn’t catch u..

I cribbed,i wepped, i din’t slept for nights  together…hoping for a better tommorw

Every morning i  used wake up….hoping that

“no matter how dark the night is…..the day is always brighter”

I tried hard to ignore the fact that it was only  your mirage that was there not you…

i was ready to believe that  you are sitting next to me…..but!

i had to believe that u made a joke of me…

that one day i have to end it..

i had  to end this for myself…because it was only & myself that was loving..

i hoped that one day, u will come to me& say that I LOVE YOU…but i dint get this moment to share with u…

it was me walking alone in the desert..


hoping that one day our time  turns out to be a good time!

but! at last i had to accept it..

i had to end it..

i had to tell my self..that yes…u never lov

ed me…

our 8 months time together was a mistake..

mistake committed by both us together..

but repercussions handled by one…

what did i expect from you..>?

just loving  the child i was…respecting the lady i was..

but u did none..

and now i am on the verge of ending it all…

holding a piece of paper&tears in my eyes..

telling my self that it dint work…

tears are searching for a reason…that

why are these precious diamonds rolling down my cheeks?

my shadow is asking me….what has  bothered me so much..

is that my love for u was so self less that it dint deserved few words in return…

or was it my incomplete womanhood that w

as bothering..

i failed as women…as a lover..as belover….i failed..

i couldn’t expect my defeat….!



I was walking in a desert…..

side of a window pane i sit….recalling the best times we had..

how into each other we were..


then I remember the day when u said u never loved me…

i felt ..i could  run back to the beautiful moment i shared….

i was escaping the truth..

hoping that it may change..


I was walking in a desert.!


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